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First African Change maker summit

We all are living in a fast-moving world in which youth are trying to develop their skills and confidence to tackle big situations. But among such people there are few who are taking unique stands and performing creative actions. Such people are called the change makers.

As a part of appreciating the young change makers Youth United council presents “First African Change Maker Summit” on March 2023. This summit is conducted as a part of appreciating and motivating the large youth crowd to be the future change makers of our nation. This way it also teaches the youth how even a small initiative could create big change in the society and pave path for developing leadership qualities.

 If you are a change maker from South Africa, who has worked for the development of the society or solved any social issues in various fields, then this is the right platform to showcase your work. Tap on the link below to register yourself.

To registrants document notice:

The registration link must consist the given details.

Create a document consisting of the mentioned demographic details:

  1. Name and surname
  2. Name of the project/business/ organization’s name
  3. Give us a detailed explanation about the project or the
  4. Next, mention in which category does the project or the organization is based on. (Health, Education and learning, Finance, Food and agriculture and Tourism), others.
  5. Every registrants must write a short explanation about their project or the business through which the work is done or the organization. Which must include all the measures taken, area of focus and how many people’slives have changed.
  6. The registrants must give a short above themselves, pictures documented during the project, pictures of the change maker and their team work. Additionally, attach if there are any videos taken regarding the same.
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